Foster + Partners to design lush, green private hospital in Shanghai

UK headquartered architects Foster + Partners will design a new state-of-the-art hospital in Shanghai for Chinese private healthcare firm Luye Medical Group and US hospitals group, Cleveland Clinic.

Announced last July, Luye Medical and Cleveland Clinic intend the hospital to become a world-leading centre of specialisms including in cardiology, urology and oncology. 

Foster + Partners has worked for Cleveland Clinic before, designing a health pavilion at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, which was finished in April this year.

Called Luye Lilan Hospital, the facility in Shanghai will be built on the New Hong Qiao International Medical Center campus, and will be branded the world’s first "Cleveland Clinic Connected" hospital.

Foster + Partners said the low-rise building would give patients plentiful access to, and views onto, lush gardens and would be flooded with natural light to improve patient recovery times. 

It added that a full-height open atrium would help patients and staff move around more intuitively and feel relaxed and at home. The design would also aim to boost interdisciplinary collaboration among staff.

"China’s extraordinary growth story presents immense potential to push the boundaries of innovation in healthcare," said Ben Scott, Partner, Foster + Partners said. "The Shanghai Luye Lilan Hospital offers an opportunity to create a new world-leading blueprint for healthcare in the future, integrating latest technology and patient-centric care in a flexible facility that is immersed in nature."

David Summerfield, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, said: "We greatly enjoyed the experience of working with Cleveland Clinic on their new facility in Ohio, which is designed to pioneer significant innovation in health education and nurture professional and collaborative relationships between separate disciplines, ultimately raising quality of care.

"We look forward to continuing the partnership through their connection with Luye Medical on this exciting project in Shanghai, a city that embodies the progressive and ambitious spirit of China."

Image: Foster + Partners’ visualisation of Luye Lilan Hospital, planned for Shanghai

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