Foster + Partners designs 90-second face shields to stem spread of coronavirus

UK architect Foster + Partners has designed a face visor, suitable for cleaning, reuse, and quick mass production. The open-source prototype is being trialled by hospitals in London, and the design is being assessed for mass production.

The mask is made of three parts: a polyethylene visor, a headband and a silicone rubber head strap connecting them.

Foster + Partners estimates that each face shield can be laser-cut in less than 30 seconds, and assembled in a minute. It says it is able to make 1,000 masks a day with a single laser, which it says is a faster way of manufacturing than 3D printing.

The mask can be disassembled, cleaned, sanitised and reused, and the visors can be flat-packed for speedy distribution.

A pdf with assembly instructions is available here, under a non-commercial 4.0 international public licence.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

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  1. Hey it’s seems that Foster might have designed something useful for a change, about time!

  2. Lidl’s supermarket are using the same

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