Foster + Partners working on drone system to monitor big projects

Famous UK architectural practice Foster + Partners is working with autonomous drone software developer Be Tomorrow UK to develop a way of detecting real-time errors on big construction projects.

The idea is to create cost-effective system that can compare what’s getting built to the design, eliminating expensive construction errors and delays, the practice said this week.

The research has been co-funded by a grant from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

"Such a service will offer significant benefits to the construction industry, helping lower overall project costs and risk, while increasing quality and client confidence, for a relatively small investment," said Foster + Partners.

It said the biggest technical challenge was creating a suitable autonomous mapping solution that works in the complex environment of a live construction site.

The team plans to build a working prototype to demonstrate its potential on big projects.

Image: Supplied by Foster + Partners

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  1. CIRIA is working on a project to develop good practice guidance on the use of UAVs for infrastructure asset management and would welcome your input. The aim is to enable clients and infrastructure managers to better understand how this technology can be used within their organisations.

    (CIRIA is a not-for-profit independent membership organisation whose mission is to help improve the performance of the construction industry)

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