Foundationless cardboard house can be snapped together in a day

Amsterdam studio Fiction Factory has created a modular home made from cardboard that can be assembled in a day.

The Wikkelhouse, or "Wrap House" in Dutch, is created from 24 layers of cardboard stuck together with glue on a rotating mould.

The firm says the structure is sustainable and would be ideal as a holiday home, office or guest house.

A typical module is 4.5m long, 2.5m high and 1.2m wide, weighing 500kg.

The modular segments can be made to any specification and can easily fit together.

A home segment can be added to the Wikkelhouse containing a kitchen, shower and bathroom.

Fiction Factory says the project is three times more environmentally friendly than traditional housing, and the recyclable segments can be re-used.

The Wikkelhouse is finished with waterproof and breathable foil and wood panels.

Structures can last for 50 years.

An airframe three segment Wikkelhouse is available from $28,000, but that doesn’t include transport or placement costs.

At present only twelve houses are built each year for delivery to seven countries in Europe.

Modular alternatives to housing are being proposed in various parts of the world, including Korea, Australia, Sweden and Ireland.

Images via Fiction Factory

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  1. Do you need a distributor/builder in the Nigeria?

  2. Will they be readily available in the Uk and can they be main dwelling 24/7 stand up to uk winters

    Im 63 and looking for sustainable home that should last say 30 years and be adaptable as I get more infirm.

    And then theres the question of land and services.

    I love the concept can you please provide with as much detail as poss

    Kind regards

    Kind regards

    And the

  3. 1. How long could it survive in a tropical climate?
    2. how many units in a 20′ container for shipping?
    3. airflow? see Q 1


  4. What is the impact resistance?
    In the event of a plumbing leak, how robust are the materials?

  5. What happens in a hurricane? How do utility lines connect?
    If answers to that are satisfactory, can you get one in the U.S?

  6. Fantastic idea and so simple, adaptable and eco-friendly. Do you need a distributor/builder in the uk?

  7. I would expect that these could prove to be very popular as a private garden situated summer house in England (dependant upon cost).

  8. Very interesting

  9. What are the fire risk implications?

  10. This is quite an innovative product. However, my fears concern security. How secure/safe is the Hollowcores house in relation to fire and break ins? Is this product patented?

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