French develop 3D printer that can produce emergency housing in 20 minutes

Researchers from the University of Nantes have created a 3D printer that can output a weathertight, insulated 3 metre cube in less than half an hour.

The INNOprint device, complete with robotic arm, has been developed by the university’s IRCCyN lab, with the support of engineers from Capacités, the company that commercialises the laboratory’s research.

The project is inspired by recent natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Nepal and also requests from manufacturers.

Benoit Ferret, the professor who led the IRCCyN team, said: "In a disaster the printer will be shipped by boat together with the raw material containers. There, on demand, according to the desired size, in 20 to 30 minutes, emergency housing can be built and used for several months until a more permanent reconstruction is possible."

Additional research will be carried out on alternative materials and also on constructing buildings up to 7m high with the aim of creating entire houses on site.

Image via Youtube

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