Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel opens in northern Lapland

Any fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones who would like to experience living conditions in a typical Westerosi winter can book a stay at Lapland Hotels annual SnowVillage, which this year features ice sculptures of the show’s many monsters.

The 30-room hotel is made from around 20,000 tonnes of snow and 350 tonnes of natural ice spread over 20ha, and each year adopts a different theme.

Guests can get married to the Rains of Castamere

This year, a team of sculptors Russia, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine have produced a replica of the Red Keep’s Iron Throne, a replica of the Hall of Faces in Braavos and a white walker with glowing blue eyes who glares at guests in their bedrooms.

There is also a dragon-shaped ice slide and an Ice Chapel with furniture made from compacted snow, where guests can get married – although weddings in Game of Thrones don’t usually go terribly well.

You can also sleep beneath the trout sigil of House Tully

The ambient temperature in the hotel is kept at a cosy five below freezing, so guests are advised to bring long-sleeved underwear and stay for one night only. Bedrooms in the unheated hotel come with fleece-lined sleeping bags, although there is also the option of heated log cabins or teepees.

The ambient temperature in the hotel is around minus-five Celsius

As well as staying in the hotel, guests can book a reindeer or husky ride, a snowmobile safari, or a snowshoe hike with coffee by the campfire.

The hall of faces in the House of Black and White

A double room in the hotel costs €220 for two persons. Those who survive the experience are awarded a "diploma of igloo". Booking details are available here.

Top image: At least there’s no problem with bed bugs. All images courtesy of Lapland Hotels

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