Ghent industrial site to be converted into residential development by KCAP

Images courtesy of KCAP
A former industrial site will be transformed by Dutch architect KCAP into a kilometer-long urban housing development within a park.

The Rinkkaai project is located 400m from Ghent’s central Gent-Sint-Peters station and will contain six buildings with 300 homes.

The structures include two 50m-tall towers at the western and eastern edge of the site and four “urban villas”.

Rinkkaai will also have three public squares: Kaaiplein at the western edge, Buurtplein in the middle of the north side and Parkplein in the east.

A zig-zagging cycle path runs the length of the site, and there will be green features such as rainwater collection, rooftop solar panels, geothermal heating and electric bike and car charging facilities.

Residential units will cater to residents from varying socio-economic backgrounds, as well as assisted living units.

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