Girl in pram hit by timber at scaffolding site

UK Police are appealing for witnesses after a toddler suffered serious head injuries when a large piece of timber fell on her head in Brighton.

The girl, aged 3, was being pushed in a pushchair by her mother along Preston Street around 10.45am on Friday (6 July).

A large piece of timber is believed to have fallen from scaffolding surrounding a building, Sussex police said.

The toddler was taken to hospital with serious head injuries, where she remains.

A 32-year-old man from Hove has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and a 39-year-old man from Brighton was arrested on suspicion of failing to discharge general health and safety duty at work.

Sussex Police are working with Health and Safety Executive who will be investigating.

Detective Chief Inspector Pierre Serra said: "We are appealing to anyone who may have been walking along the street at this time to come forward with any information they have on this incident.

"We are also urging anyone who was driving along this road to check their dash cam footage to see if the incident was captured."

Image: Ambulance at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton (Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust)

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  1. Whilst any accident is great cause for concern, and my thoughts go out to this toddler and mother, it seems a bit of an overkill for the police to immediately arrest and charge two workman, one for GBH, without any detailed investigation.

    I imagine the two guys feel terrible about what’s happened and the police attitude will help nobody.

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