Google’s ‘Project Sunroof’ app lets you model your own solar roof

Internet giant Google has created ‘Project Sunroof’, which aims to allow more people to access solar energy.

The project will use Google Maps’ data to show how much sunlight falls in a certain area, and combine that with 3D modeling and information about pricing of panels and installation.

It can generate 3D models of a roof, the shadows cast by nearby structures and trees, and all possible sun positions over the course of a year.

The application can predict much energy a solar roof could generate and how much money could be saved by installing solar panels.

It can also show users local companies who can install panels.

‘Project Sunroof’ is currently only available in three places in the U.S., the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno CA and Greater Boston MA.

But Google plans to roll the project out so it is available across America.

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Images via Youtube

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