Guatemala City to tender $700m light rail scheme next year

A feasibility study into the construction of a 20km light rail system in Guatemala City has put a price tag of $770m on the work.

The project will be a single line running north to south with 20 stations between South Centra in Villa Nueva and Centra Norte. 

The study was carried out by Spanish consulting engineer IDOM, which is also working on the masterplanning of a 148ha suburb in La Pedrera Quarry, to the north of the city (pictured).

The rail system is one of the 10 investment projects that the government included in its Agencia Nacional de Alianzas para el Desarrollo de Infraestructura Económica (ANADIE) programme, announced in April.

The government has also outlined its preferred route for the line and is planning to tender the scheme next year as a public-private partnership.

Guatemala City has been experiencing a rapidly growing population based on rural migration, but has not been able to finance the infrastructure to provide public transport. The ANADIE initiative is an attempt to lure in private capital to accelerate provision in the future.

Image: IDOM’s masterplan for the La Pedrera Quarry

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