Hadrian the bricklaying robot hits the 200-blocks-per-hour target

The robot bricklayer known as Hadrian X has recorded a production rate of more than 200 blocks an hour, a 300% increase in speed compared with February 2019.

According to Fastbrick Robotics (FBR), the inventor of Hadrian, the rate can be maintained throughout a full house build, allowing Hadrian X to compete with manual bricklaying.

Mike Pivac, FBR’s chief executive, said: "We’ve achieved so many amazing technical milestones over the past two years, but this is the first time that we have been able to prove the real commercial case of the Hadrian X in practice.

"When you consider that manual brick and block laying costs globally vary anywhere from $10 per square metre to $100 per square metre, we are already cost competitive across a broad range of the market at 200 blocks per hour.

"However, we’re continuing to increase the lay speed and improve the Hadrian Xs and accordingly our cost of laying will continue to decrease while the market for the machines will grow significantly."

Images of Hadrian X courtesy of Fastbrick Robotics

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