Hamburg plans “green mountain” on top of Second World War bunker

A proposal to build a "green mountain" on top of a huge concrete flak-tower in the German port city of Hamburg has been granted planning permission.

The anti-aircraft bunker, which is 40m high, has already been converted into a container for a nightclub, a music school, a musical instrument shop, a photographer’s studio and a graphic design agency.

The "Hilldegarden" plan would add a 19m-high terraced hill to the top. This would be open to the public every night until 10pm and would offer residents plots of land to grow their own vegetables. It would also include a community centre, a hotel and a kindergarten.

The development is being organised by a team of architects and residents, who describe it as "reshaping history". In the words of the group, the Hilldegarden will be a step towards "a new, more symbiotic city. Housing plants, trees, bees, birds. Symbolising reunion, learning and collaboration. And a bit of plain hedonistic pleasure. Funded by investors. Made for everyone".

Images courtesy of Hilldegarden/Planungsburo Bunker

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