Haptic and Oslo Works design “ocean campus” for old Oslo airport

The interior of the planned Fjordarium (Aesthetica Studio)
UK-based Haptic Architects and Norway’s Oslo Works have joined forces to plan an ocean-themed attraction in the municipality of Baerum on the outskirts of Oslo.

The 45,000-sq-m “Fornebu Brygge” development will turn a site formerly occupied by Oslo Airport into an ocean campus with an aquarium, marine centre, watersports park, and ferry terminal.

The Fornebu Brygge will focus on the role of the ocean, sustainable marine industries and “ocean tech”.

Haptic said it will be “one of the most significant ocean campuses in Europe and will form an important part of the regeneration and conservation of the fjords of Norway”.

The will be centred on the “Fjordarium”, a building that will enable visitors to observe marine life in the fjord. This was designed in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research to best preserve marine biodiversity, both underwater and along the shoreline.

An overview of the ocean campus (Aesthetica Studio)

Haptic comments: “The building is designed to withstand the fjord’s waves and currents and bring natural light into the spaces below water level. Enabling unique exposure to the Oslofjord, it will focus on challenges and solutions for cleaning the fjord, which has been heavily polluted as a result of agricultural waste.”

The buildings above ground will be built mainly from timber and carbon-neutral concrete, and will include renewable power generation.

Haptic and Oslo Works were chosen by Sjø, a joint venture between developer Selvaag and tech company We Are Human.

As well as Fornebu Brygge, Sjø is planning residential, commercial and cultural buildings, all served by a metro line.

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