Hilti announces partnership with robotic company Canvas

Liechtenstein-based equipment maker Hilti has announced a partnership with American construction robotics company Canvas to develop an automated drywalling solution.

Hilti, which had a revenue of $6.5bn in 2021, will manufacture the San Francisco company’s systems at scale.

According to Canvas, the robot is capable of applying a single consistent layer of joint compound over wet tape more quickly than a human team. Use of the machine avoids the wear and tear on human arms caused by repetitive motions and captures almost all of the dust created by sanding.

It can also telescope itself by up to 4.7m to carry out work at height.

The two companies will also work on “Jaibot”, a ceiling-drilling semi-autonomous robot that was unveiled by Canvas in 2020. 

Kevin Albert, Canvas’ chief executive, said: “Contractors continue to struggle with rising costs and labour shortages. The demand we see is testament to the critical need for new tools in the industry to address these challenges and empower our skilled workforce.

“We’re excited to announce this partnership which continues to push the boundary of what is possible and positions Canvas to meet current asdnd future demand for our machines globally.”

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