How a Belgian apartment block dealt with an unmovable lamppost

An architect whose project was delayed by a Belgian council’s tardy response to an inconveniently placed lamppost has found a creative solution to the problem: he has gone ahead an erected the structure around the street furniture.  

The architect, who wishes to remain anonymous, told local media: "Two years ago we raised the matter with the local authority, but there was no reaction. We couldn’t keep on waiting, so we found a creative solution."
A member of the local municipal assembly commented: "The latest information I have suggests that the electricity grid operator plans to move the post. It would have been better if the architect had requested this from the start."

Apparently this will be done next week. The architect said: "We’ll brick and tile the facade neatly; it’s only annoying for our contractor who has to redo his work."

Image courtesy of VRT

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  1. I like it just hope the lamppost never needs fixed

  2. If you can’t beat ’em………..join ’em!

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