Hyundai in $1.4bn contract for Kuwaiti power and water

20 December 2013

Hyundai Heavy Industries has won a $1.4bn contract as part of a consortium to build the first phase of the Az-Zour North Independent Water and Power Project in Kuwait.

Under the contract Hyundai is to build a gas-fired power plant, while consortium partner Sidem constructs a water desalination plant in a combined complex about 100km south of Kuwait City.

Once complete, the power plant will have a production capacity of 1,500 MW while the desalination plant will produce up to 486,000 cubic meters of water a day.

Kuwait City (Wikimedia Commons): The water and power plant will be located about 100km south of the city

The capacity of Az-Zour North will account for around 10% of Kuwait’s installed power generation capacity and around 20% of its installed desalination capacity.

Construction is to start this month and be completed towards the end of 2016.

The Hyundai-Sidem EPC consortium was first formed in March 2011 by GDF Suez.

Source: Hyundai Heavy Industries

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