Ikea gives tools and assembly instructions for gingerbread furniture

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has created a "Gingerbread Höme" kit, complete with 3D-printed furniture-shaped cookie cutters and baking instructions to create gingerbread versions of vintage Ikea furniture.

Ikea pieces such as the Billy Bookcase, the Lack Table, the Strandmon Armchair and Rens Sheepskin Rugs are available as templates to trace around, allowing DIY aficionados to cut out gingerbread pieces to bake and decorate.

There are also printing files for those wishing to create metal cookie cutters for the outlines of multiple furniture items.

Ikea said in a press release that in "true Ikea fashion" each part of edible furniture is designed to be "easy to assemble", although many who have tried to assemble Ikea furniture may disagree with this statement.

Free printable instructions are available here.

Images courtesy of Ikea

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