Indian firm tackles world record for building house in 24 hours

A construction company in the south Indian city of Bengaluru has narrowly failed in its attempt to break the world record for the time taken to build a three-bedroom house.

The team from REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies hoped to complete the 2,400-sq-ft dwelling in 24 hours but were foiled by a combination of bad weather and a problem with some of the roof detailing.

Paddy Menon, the founder and "chief disruptor" of REBEL, told the Times of India: "We completed 90% of the house in 24 hours, but the remaining 10% took longer than expected. Unfavourable weather conditions too added to our woes." 

The team had been hoping to win a place in the Limca Book of World Records, an annual publication that collects the achievement of Indians, including the feats of its construction industry.

The 20 member team had been hoping to complete the project on a plot near the Stonehill International school in the north of the city.

Paddy Menon, the founder of REBEL, expresses his appreciation of precast technology (REBEL)

The team began work at 6am on Saturday, 15 July, and completed the foundations and walls in accordance with the schedule, however they encountered difficulties with the roof details in the small hours of Sunday morning and had to begin that part of the building again. In the end they completed the house in 48 hours.

REBEL uses precast building elements such as beams and panels that are assembled by crane to speed up construction. A video of the world record attempt can be seen on its Facebook page.

The house was being built for a coffee planter from Kodagu called Tyag Uthappa, who wanted it as a birthday gift to his wife.

Over the rest of the year, REBEL intends to set up a dozen "experience homes" at its manufacturing facility. The idea is to allow families choose among the company’s range of homes by inspecting their finishes and quality and watching a computer-generated "fly through".

Image: A 2,400 sq ft three-bed home similar to the one built on 15 July (REBEL)

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  1. How about trying it with Light Gauge Steel Frame instread of precast concrete? even by manufacturing the steel profiles on site !! that should be possible to build within 24hours if the world record is to be tackled !!

  2. REBEL has it right! Prefabrication and plant intensive construction is the way to go especially to speedily provide emergency housing in post disaster areas where and whenever needed! ( Even if she gets it a day late!)

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