Snug’s rendering of the strip and visitor centre


Landmark Christian monument with a million talking bricks planned near Birmingham

22 May 2019 | By GCR Staff | 7 Comments

UK design firm Snug Architects has won a competition to design a Christian monument in the form of a giant mobius strip that can tell visitors a million stories of answered prayers. 

Run by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the competition attracted entries from more than 130 architecture practices in 28 countries, who were challenged to come up with a concept that creates intrigue from afar and interaction up close.

Snug’s winning design, to be called the “Wall of Answered Prayer” will use a million bricks, with each telling a story about an answered prayer drawn from contemporary testimonials and centuries of Christian writings.

Visitors will be able to point their smartphones at a brick to be told the story relating to it, according to the organisation developing the project, which points out that sometimes the answer to a prayer is “no”, or “not yet”.

The concept is explained in this video:

The strip will be 50m high and will occupy a site donated by the Edmiston family at Coleshill Manor on the edge of Birmingham, between the M6, M42 and the planned HS2 rail line.

Paul Bulkeley, design director at Snug Architects, said: “We are excited by the vision behind this ground-breaking project and are looking forward to working with the team to see it become a reality. At Snug Architects we believe this will be a structure that both inspires and engages visitors for many years to come.”

Richard Gamble, chief executive of The Wall of Answered Prayer, said: “This 15-year-old vision is now becoming reality. I’m chuffed to bits with the design which handled perfectly the challenge of creating intrigue when being seen from afar, yet provides a truly interactive journey for those who visit. We want to create an iconic structure the nation will not only be proud of but find inspirational – it will be a landmark of hope.”

The Wall of Answered Prayer website says that 500,000 journeys will travel past the monument every week, and up to 200,000 people will visit the site annually. “We hope that as people interrogate the answered prayers and comprehend the colossal nature of what they are witnessing, they will personally encounter the God who answers.”

The organisation hopes to have the Wall built before the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Image: Snug’s rendering of the strip and visitor centre