Instant infrastructure: videos document amazing construction feats

If you’re taking a holiday over July and August, you might want to bank the coals of your construction enthusiasm with these two inspiring videos.

One shows crews led by Dutch contractor Heijmans installing a tunnel under the busy A12 motorway near Ede in 32 hours over one weekend in May 2016.

Diggers dance even faster in the other, where a team from Indian Railways replace a level crossing with an underpass in just 4.5 hours in May last year. (Warning: the time-lapse photography may cause your heart to skip a beat as workers seem to skip out of the way of speeding locomotives just in time.)

Here is the A12 tunnel event carried out by Heijmans.

And here is the Indian Railways digger-fest on the railway between Pendurthi and Kottavalasa line in Andhra Pradesh.

Image: The prefabricated A12 tunnel in place (Heijmans)
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