International Powered Access Federation chief Tim Whiteman steps down after 15 years

Tim Whiteman is stepping down from the position of managing director and chief executive of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) after 15 years in the position.

Former IPAF President Andy Studdert will act as interim CEO as Whiteman hands over and while the search for a new CEO is conducted.

In a statement IPAF said its board recruited Tim Whiteman as MD in 2004 to make the organisation more international. At that time the Federation had around 400 members, most of which were in the UK, and earned 95% of its revenue from the UK.

Today more than 45% of income is from outside the UK even though UK income and membership has not stopped growing since 2004.

Today there are nearly 1,400 members in almost 70 countries.

Tim Whiteman said: "It has been a privilege to work with the dedicated IPAF members and team members around the world – the passion to deliver the safe and effective use of powered access motivates so many people and IPAF shares their knowledge and experience to help keep people safe.

"However, after 15 years, I’m looking forward to a change and I thank the Board for its support in making this happen."

Image: Tim Whiteman at the IPAF Summit 2019 in Dubai (IPAF)

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