Ireland issues guidance on the reduction of embodied carbon

Cranes in Dublin (Faithiecannoise/Dreamstime)
The government of Ireland has issued guidelines aimed at reducing the amount of embodied carbon in public construction projects.

The measures look to reduce the use of conventional concrete, increase the use of low-carbon alternatives and make use of carbon management systems on infrastructure projects.

The move is based on a report titled: Reducing Embodied Carbon in Cement and Concrete through Public Procurement in Ireland.

Peter Burke, Ireland’s minister for enterprise, trade and employment, will write to public bodies on the issue.

He said: “As a state, we rely on this sector to provide the raw materials to deliver our ambitious public infrastructure and housing projects. In order to reduce embodied emissions while ensuring construction materials are cost-effective and available, the state has to buy smarter, and send a medium-term signal that allows manufacturers to invest in decarbonisation.

“This proportionate approach ensures a more sustainable Irish construction sector over the long-term.”

In 2022, cement was responsible for 4.8% of Ireland’s carbon emissions.

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