Italy awards $3.1bn Roman road to Spanish group

Spanish infrastructure group Sacyr has been awarded a public-private partnership (PPP) contract for a toll road between Rome and the town of Latina, 73km to the south of it.

The group will be expected to provide $3.1bn to finance the construction of the road, in return for which it will be able to collect income for 43 years. The group estimates that the income over that period will be about $13.5bn.

The project requires the construction of about 100km of autostrade and 86km of secondary roads. It also involves the building of 78 viaducts and overpasses, two tunnels with a total length of 2.3km, five cut-and-fill tunnels and 17 link roads.

The road is the final element of the Lazio bypass, which is being managed by Italian client Autostrade del Lazio.

Sacyr Concesiones is already involved in the 145km Pedemontana-Veneta highway, where it is investing $2.8bn.

Once built, the Rome-Latina road is expected to be used by 32,000 vehicles a day. Sacyr’s revenue will come from direct tolls. Its return from this source will be adjusted by periodic tariff review.

Sacyr presently manages 35 roads in eight countries: Spain, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Ireland, Peru and Uruguay. It also runs transport hubs, hospitals and a subway line.

Image: The aim is to bring Rome’s roads up to the standard of this Reggio Emilia autostrada (Wikimedia Commons)

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