Jacobs lands Nasa contract worth at least $1.8bn

Rocket Park at Johnson Space Center (Ulf Nammert/Dreamstime)
Nasa has awarded US engineer Jacobs a contract to provide products and services to the Johnson Space Centre (JSC) in Houston, as well as other facilities.

The five-year deal is worth $1.8bn but may be extended a further five years, bringing its value to $3.9bn.

Jacobs will be responsible for providing engineering design, development, analysis, assessment, technology development and test services, as well as helping with the operation and maintenance of the JSC’s Engineering Directorate.

The scope also includes planetary mission and physical science research, astro-material curation, and facility management and maintenance for the JSC’s Exploration Integration and Science Directorate.

Jacobs will also work on engineering and related services for other Nasa centres and government agencies.

Steve Demetriou, Jacobs’ chief executive, said: “Throughout our 50-year partnership with Nasa, Jacobs has shared the agency’s commitment to advancing space science and exploration.

“The contract builds on more than 17 years of continuous support at JSC – a key component of our Nasa portfolio, which includes nine locations across the agency.”

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