Japanese prefab housing giant to manufacture UK village

Japanese modular builder Sekisui and developer Urban Splash have been given the go-ahead to build the largest village in the UK to be manufactured offsite using modern volumetric construction.

South Cambridgeshire District Council approved plans for the fenland village of Inholm, part of the second phase of Cambridgeshire’s new town Northstowe, which will comprise 10,000 homes when complete.

Inholm itself will be made up of 406 modular homes, which will include retirement homes and mixed-use buildings. The modular homes will include designs by architects shedkm, which can be configured by the buyer to their own design before being built in a factory and delivered to site, reports Construction Manager. 

The majority of homes will be built in a factory in Alfreton in the East Midlands.

Mark Latham, regeneration director at House, the company backed by Urban Splash and Sekisui, said: "We are delighted to launch our first homes in this part of the country and are excited about the opportunities ahead at Northstowe as we contribute to this emerging town.

"We want to break new ground and surprise people using the latest building methods combined with bespoke designs. We are offering a range of customisable homes and apartments to suit a wide range of modern families, lifestyles and budgets. We can’t wait to get going."

Stephen Kinsella, chief land and development officer at Homes England, said: "This is a really ambitious proposal for 406 homes using modern methods of construction, and the quality design of these homes really reflects our ambition to deliver outstanding places."

Image: Artist’s impression of Inholm village

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  1. Yet again a foreign company comes to the United Kingdom to build housing units The construction industry in the UK appears to be on continuing downward spiral from the top on the industry world wide to being almost in capable of doing anything original

  2. I would like to know the construction system and the provision of insulation.
    Being pre fab the construction would be faster, but then how is cost comparison to that of traditional system.

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