JCB unveils first hydrogen engine

JCB chairman Lord Bamford shows off the engine, developed by some 100 engineers working for more than a year (Courtesy of JCB)
JCB is unveiling its first zero-carbon emissions hydrogen-fuelled engine at the Conexpo 2023 show in Las Vegas.

The UK-headquartered company said a £100m investment saw 100 engineers at its Derbyshire factory working on the engine for more than a year.

It already powers a prototype backhoe loader and a telescopic handler.

The company claims to be the first construction equipment maker to develop a fully working hydrogen-fuelled engine.

It has developed a mobile hydrogen refuelling unit to get hydrogen to work sites.

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  1. A small step for mankind but a huge step for JCB and British Engineers. 👏

  2. Seems absolutely brilliant, much better and more durable than the so called electrical solution. This would be great if this could be transferred to cars etc, it would save the massive infrastructure cost and distance problems associated with electric. Reading the European environmental report 2021 the construction of electric cars is massive by comparison with conventional internal combustion engines meaning that they are heating the planet more quickly.

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