LA firm floats $30m “aqua-studio” idea for World Cup

Qatari authorities are considering a plan to build a $30m studio in the centre of an aquarium, from which coverage of FIFA’s 2022 World Cup finals will be broadcast.

The proposed site would be in the centre of a hollowed-out rock with broadcasters surrounded by marine life.

The studio has been designed by Los Angeles company Reef Worlds. Patric Douglas, the chief executive, was quoted by Arabian Business as saying: "The project we are in the process of designing is for an underwater broadcast centre and is quite a real possibility.

Qatar’s World Cup authorities like the design and they like the notion of doing the World Cup underwater, with sharks swimming around.

"You could underwrite the entire thing with one Sky or Latin broadcast network; they will pay you enough money to finance this thing."

A decision will be made on the studio in two months’ time.

In April this year, a Polish architect suggested plans for an underwater tennis stadium.

Qatar has recently unveiled the design for their fifth World Cup venue.

Another World Cup venue will change colour throughout the day.

Image: An aquarium in Qatar

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