The lardlords: Two designers create island of solid fat in Amsterdam dockyard for no good reason

Two Netherlands-based designers have begun building an island made of congealed fat in Amsterdam with plans to tow it to the Arctic once it has reached a suitable girth.

Mike Thompson and Arne Hendriks’ bizarre project is taking shape in the dock of a former shipyard. The project, which weighs a tonne, is made from a mixture of vegetable and animal fat, melted down and poured onto the fatberg.

The project’s website says the duo say are unsure why they are continuing to add to the fatberg, saying: "they don’t know why, they simply know they must" continue building it.

The team behind the floating island said: "Basically we’re doing this because fat is a very interesting material, it’s probably the most iconic material of time.

"We’re talking about a floating energy reserve. We can maybe replace these melting icebergs with this floating energy reserve that allows us to store energy for times ahead. Because who knows what the future holds."

A 250m long fatberg was discovered in 2017 blocking a London sewer and part of it is now on display in the Museum of London.

Images courtesy of the fatberg’s Facebook page

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