Laredo plans 10km park to connect it with Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo

Image courtesy of Overland Partners Architects
Texas architects Overland and Able City have been selected to design a 10km-long park that will straddle the US’ border with Mexico.

The two firms were chosen by a public–private consortium made up of Laredo City Council and the Binational Technical Working Group, a joint US–Mexican agency staffed by federal, state and regional epidemiologists.

The aim of the park is to connect Laredo with the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo on the other side of the Grande-Rio Bravo river.

The scheme is classed as an ecological restoration project, which will recreate the river’s ecosystem and boost the economy on either side of the river. It will also create public art and, it is hoped, attract tourists.

A workshop hosted by the architects, along with UK consultant Arup, produced a mission statement titled: “Two nations, one community. One river. One park”.

Rick Archer, Overland’s chief executive, said: “We are inspired by the Binational River Park and excited by the unique challenges an aspirational project of this magnitude presents – environmentally, socially and culturally.”

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