Lithuania switches to drones for airborne pothole reconnaissance

According to the country’s maintenance agency, the drones will help cut inspection-related CO2 emissions by 90% (Image courtesy of Thrust)
AI-powered drones are set to carry out automated road inspections from the sky in Lithuania, BIM+ reports.

State-owned company AB Kelių priežiūra maintains some 21,000km of Lithuania’s road network and is working with drone specialist Thrust and AI video-analysis specialist Agmis to introduce an AI-powered drone system for automated road inspection.

Called GreenBee, the project will replace inspection vehicles with drones equipped with high-definition cameras and sensors that will fly the inspection routes.

The collected data will be analysed by AI and computer vision technologies to identify trouble spots.

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“By rapidly covering large areas and pinpointing areas of potential defects, drones and AI analysis will act as a reconnaissance service. This will allow us to efficiently plan manned inspection routes and to dispatch teams to the areas requiring prompt action,” said Jolita Mackiene, head of quality and technology at AB Kelių priežiūra.

The company said the drones will help reduce inspection-related CO2 emissions by 90% and free up resources from surveying to other work.

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