Lithuania’s Palanga airport to be modernised

From the 6 September, Palanga airport in northwest Lithuania will be closed for 45 days for reconstruction to bring it up to modern standards.

The airport’s runway, taxiway, utilities network and lighting will be renovated and energy-efficient systems installed.

Dainius Ciuplys, Lithuanian Airports’ head of operations, said: “Modernisation of the infrastructure of Palanga according to the newest international standards will give an opportunity to ensure safe airport operation and faster servicing of aircraft; it will also improve the environmental situation and contribute to the creation of additional value in the whole region of the west Lithuania.

“Renovated runway and taxiway ensure safer movement of aircraft and will save their fuel consumption as well. During reconstruction, the collection and purification of surface waste waters will also be improved, and an LED signal system will reduce electricity costs for the whole airport.”

Palanga airport was last modernised in 2007.

Image Palanga Airport (Grobuonis/Public Domain)

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