Mace teams up with South East Asian project manager to expand operations

UK consult Mace has announced plans to expand into the Asia-Pacific region, with the hiring of up to 200 staff located in the Philippines, Singapore, Macau and Vietnam.

Following expansions into the Middle East and North Africa, and Australia and New Zealand, Mace has partnered with South East Asia project manager Tenman Project Management (Tpm) to target the infrastructure market.

Mace says the collaboration with Tpm, to be known as MaceTpm, will also work on public and private jobs in the project management and real estate advisory market.

Tpm is a former in-house project management team of US casino company Las Vegas Sands. It has offices in Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong, as well as London.

Jason Millett, chief executive of Mace’s consultancy business, said: “The Mace Tpm partnership marks an exciting stage in Mace’s international expansion. I am confident that with Mace’s expertise in infrastructure delivery and Tpm’s market experience in Asia-Pacific, we are in a great position to take the clients’ projects and programmes to the next level.

“Our teams will unlock unlimited innovation potential in project and programme management, using data and digital to transform outcomes for infrastructure, hospitality, leisure and mixed-use projects. Building on an already strong record of delivering complex hospitality and retail projects in the region, we are now ready to grow our service offer and redefine the boundaries of ambition.”

Matthew Pryor, Tpm’s managing director, said: “By joining forces with such a global organisation like Mace, we will completely transform the way we deliver projects and programmes in Asia-Pacific. Combining our local knowledge and expertise with Mace’s international infrastructure capability and global best practice, we will deliver distinctive value to our clients.”

Mace recently announced its 2026 business strategy, which set the target of increasing revenue 20% year-on-year over the next five years, as well as increasing diversity and inclusion.

Image: Macau, China will host Mace employees (Richie Chan/Dreamstime)

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