Make Trump’s wall pink, says Mexican studio

A Mexican architecture studio has designed a bright pink version of Donald Trump’s promised wall between the US and Mexico to highlight the "perversity" of his plan.

The controversial billionaire has promised to build the 3,100km wall to keep out illegal immigrants if he wins the presidential election next month – and to make Mexico pay for it.

A group of interns at the Guadalajara based Estudio 3.14 envision the pink wall as a celebration of Mexican architecture, with the colour referencing Pritzker Prize winning Mexican architect Luis Barragán’s work.

"Based on Trump’s statements, the economic, ecological and financial aspects have been called into question,"  Estudio 3.14 told Designboom.

"However, he continues with his verbal plan. As architects and designers, we have the capacity to imagine and interpret what Trump is saying and we are convinced that if we can make people see it, they can assess his words and the perversity in his proposal."

Image via the Estudio 3.14 Facebook page

Their wall would contain an inbuilt prison and spaces for healthcare and administration.

It could also contain a shopping centre and a viewpoint for Americans to take in the views over Mexico.

The wall would also house a textile factory, where immigrants could work, with the profits going towards paying off construction debt.

The Estudio 3.14 interns say the wall could pay for itself in just 16 years.

Dezeen quotes the studio: "It is a prison where 11 million undocumented people will be processed, classified, indoctrinated, and/or deported."

Donald Trump began his Presidential bid with the promise to build Great Wall of Mexico in June last year.

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore /Wikimedia Commons)

In July this year investment analyst Sanford Bernstein & Co. said that the Mexican cement industry would benefit greatly from the wall being built.

In August Israeli construction company Magal Security Systems expressed their interest in building the Mexican wall.

The US Presidential election takes place on 8 November.

Top image via the Estudio 3.14 Facebook page

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  1. Mexico should first sort out its own massive problems before venturing to dictate what its neighbouring country must do or not do and thus denying them the democratic right of choice on their very
    own sovereign soil!!! Otherwise they may well be accused of gross hypocrisy !!!

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