Miami tower block to be fitted for flying cars

A luxury condominium under construction in Miami is to have the design of its roof altered to provide a 460 sq m platform for flying cars.

The 11ha, 60-storey Paramount Miami Worldcentre, one of the largest private real estate projects currently under way in the US, will contain 500 units and now a skyport for flying vehicles.

Dan Kodsi, chief executive of Royal Palms, the tower’s developer, said: "Imagine traveling from Miami to Palm Beach – a drive that takes the better part of two hours – in about 30 minutes.

"The future of transportation is here within the next 10 to 15 years and urban aviation is closer to reality than you might expect. These vehicles are like a helicopter, but much quieter, run electronically and are environmentally friendly."

Royal Palms says the feature is inspired by the UberAIR project, which has shortlisted designs for facilities that would be able to accommodate 4,000 passengers an hour.

A similar Foster + Partner’s project is planned in Rwanda, and a flying taxi has been test piloted in Dubai.

Paramount Miami is due to be completed by summer 2019.

Images courtesy of Royal Palms Companies

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