Microsoft team retrofits shipping containers as Covid-19 treatment pods

US technology firms Microsoft and Insight Enterprises have joined with Canadian companies WZMH Architects and PCL Construction to design and build the "Citizen Care Pod", a testing, screening and vaccination unit for use by those who might be infected with Covid-19.

The customisable unit is made by PCL Construction from 20ft or 40ft shipping containers, and can be equipped with four to 10 testing stations that allow healthcare workers to be shielded from their patients.

Each Citizen Care Pod is equipped with Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Azure AI technologies, and PCL Construction’s hub for the internet of things. These allow doctors to monitor the distance between people, with audio reminders if social distancing is not enforced or protective equipment is not being worn.

The pods could be used in areas such as airports, offices, sports and entertainment complexes as well as  construction sites, according to the team.

The project proceeded from conception to project completion in a month, according to a press release from Microsoft.

Zenon Radewych, WZMH Architects’ founder, said: "Even though the benefits of the Citizen Care Pod are far-reaching, the design and construction process was uniquely local because we could only use local materials and parts.

"The story of the Citizen Care Pod is really a story of the entrepreneurial spirit during the coronavirus pandemic."

Images courtesy of Microsoft/Citizen Care Pods Corporation

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