Moscow architect designs supertall “skinny tower” for New York City

Moscow-based architect Meganom has designed a 1,001ft (305m) tower for a narrow site in midtown Manhattan.

The supertall and superskinny residential tower, which will be close to Madison Square Park, will be called 262 Fifth Avenue.

The tower used an unusual structural system that avoids the need for a conventional central core. Rather the core, with its lifts and stairs, forms a "backbone" on one side of the building. The living spaces that are attached this spine become "shelves in the air", allowing the developer, Five Points, to market the apartments on the views they offer over the city. 

A viewing galley will be located at the top of the structure. Meganom said: "The rooftop open room can be reserved for private events by the residents and becomes a unique amenity."

Images courtesy of Meganom/D-BOX

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  1. Nice concept but does it make sense to construct a quality building in a city that falling apart? Perhaps once the infrastructure of transportation, water, sewer, gas and electrical service, education (and a parking system under Central Park ) is brought up to human standards, fine – But currently there are many better investments to be considered for long term duration.

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