Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw are in team chosen for $10bn JFK airport makeover

A team led by consulting engineer Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects has been chosen to develop a $10bn extension of New York’s JFK airport.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Advisory Panel, the group will lead the "creation of a seamless, interconnected terminal system", overhaul the "roadway access network to reduce time-consuming bottlenecks", enhance the JFK AirTrain and develop "modern cargo facilities" and "aeronautical infrastructure".

As well as the two UK companies, the team comprises TranSolutions, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, VJ Associates, ACB Architects, EnTech Engineering, Naik Consulting, Reichman Frankle and Holmes Keogh.

Together, the team has provided masterplanning and redesigns at 10 of the world’s top 20 airports, according to 2016 rankings by Skytrax, a rating service for airlines and airports.

Based on 2016 economic impact data, the airport provides an annual sum of $15.8bn in wages, $43.6bn in sales and supports more than 290,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The airport served 59 million passengers last year, making it the fifth busiest in the US and 16th worldwide; it is expected to top 60 million travelers this year.

Cuomo said: "Our plan for a transformed JFK envisions a unified, state-of-the-art airport to meet the demands of current and future passengers, and with this action, we’re making these plans a reality.

"The new JFK will be a crown jewel of the New York City transportation network, an airport of the calibre that New Yorkers deserve, and a centre of economic vitality and activity."

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  1. These huge and ever expanding capacities of airports to accommodate so many planes and passengers are truly incredible! Already ,however the search is on for whatever can be safely devised to at least partially compete with and replace the present over congested world airports and air travel! No easy task indeed!! Back to lighter than air or so called rocket planes of the future,who knows?

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