Multinational team create world’s largest sandcastle studded with wonders, landmarks and an octopus

The world’s largest sandcastle has been built in Germany out of 3,860 tons of sand.

The 16.6m tall structure is located in the industrial city of Duisburg and was built by a team from 10 countries in three weeks.

The castle contains carvings depicting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Great Sphinx of Giza, Buddha, Venice’s Rialto bridge, the Colosseum, the Parthenon and a smiling octopus.

It is the second time an attempt in the world record has been made; last year’s version was disqualified owing to its using other materials apart from sand and water.

The sandcastle will remain on display until 29 September.

The previous tallest sandcastle was built over nine days in Puri, India and was 14.8m tall.

Images courtesy of YouTube

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