Netflix to expand New Mexico base into one of America’s largest studio complexes

Netflix has announced plans to expand its studio complex in New Mexico to create one of the largest media production hubs in North America.

The revamped base, on the southern outskirts of Albuquerque, will have 10 more sound stages as well as extra post-production services, offices, backlots and other infrastructure. Altogether, the project will add about 120ha to the existing structure.

Some 1,467 temporary construction jobs are expected to be created by the expansion.

The expanded facilities will enable the US entertainment company to spend an extra $1bn on content over the next 10 years and relocate production staff from its Atlanta base.

Netflix built its existing studios in 2018. Lujan Grisham, the governor of New Mexico, commented: "Ever since Netflix first chose New Mexico, they have been nothing but an incredible partner, pushing the boundaries of innovation and expansion while providing fulfilling work opportunities for so many New Mexicans.

"My administration has expanded our state’s competitive film incentives, facilitating higher-wage employment for New Mexicans all across the state and increased opportunities for rural communities."

Among the incentives offered to Netflix were municipal bonds to abate property and other taxes for the next 20 years, covering the first $500m invested by Netflix to build the production facility.

New Mexico’s government is providing $17m in funding and the city of Albuquerque is offering $7m, of which $6m will be in infrastructure in-kind financing.

As part of the proposed investment, Netflix has committed to providing training programmes in partnership with the New Mexico Film Office, local universities and industry organisations, and the company has also agreed to support Native American, Latino, black and other underrepresented content creators.

Image: Albuquerque offers space for expansion and access to the Los Angeles labour market (Joe Mabel/CC BY-SA 3.0)

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