New CIOB chief executive issues “call to action to all members”

Caroline Gumble, the new chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), has used her first blog to set out her plans and call all members to action.

"In ‘interesting’ and unsettling political times, an organisation such as the CIOB needs to hold to its core values and both support and stand up for members perhaps more visibly than ever before," she wrote, adding: "But be warned, I am equally prepared to ‘call out’ unacceptable practices and behaviours that have no place in our sector or society."

She urged members who are not actively using CIOB resources or supporting its campaigns to re-engage.

"This is your professional body – I want you to feel real pride in being a Member of the CIOB and in what the CIOB delivers," Gumble wrote.

Specifically, she urged members to: 

• Join the CIOB campaign to tackle modern slavery in the industry by exploring the CIOB’s Construction and the Modern Slavery Act report and its route-map to fair business;

• Support the CIOB’s Construction Quality Commission and download its report, Improving Quality in the Built Environment, to learn key principles for embedding quality;

• Use their experience and expertise to inform CIOB actions by signing up to regional Hub Committees, joining the Business Development Board, or standing in Trustee elections.

As well as these initiatives, Gumble said she would be supporting CIOB President Charles Egbu’s campaign to promote mental health and wellbeing during his year in post.

"CIOB, like many other professional bodies, will have no choice but to collaborate more with other organisations on the really important issues," she wrote. "We will collectively deliver more; individual egos have to be put to one side for furtherance of achieving the right outcomes in line with our objectives."

 Read her blog here.


Image: Caroline Gumble, the new chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Building 


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  1. Hopefully the CIOB will discount the political menu of discord and mainline the adherence of the highest philosophical paths of universal principals = universal laws – of continuous harmonic advancement in all fields of physical economy (as established by Alexander Hamilton’s System of Physical Economy).

    Issues of slavery & quality therefor are dealt with by knowledge of a free and ingenious, creative mind, brings the highest level of quality in the construction industry, as well as advanced engineering.

    Constructing the most advanced forms of travel contiguous constructing Meg-Lev systems along with infrastructure for traveling to the moon and thence to Mars, where advanced techniques of constructing manufacturing facilities for near 0-gravity manufacturing can take place, along with the building of advanced power facilities of Fusion power on our planet and other plants will become necessary .

    Any entity, to survive must grow and if it doesn’t lead the population, the population will lead and form the necessary institutions to act in accordance to that basic human tendency, which supersedes political manipulation.

    Herd hats in the Moon!

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