New South Wales launches transport and roads technology hub

The government of New South Wales has created a research and development hub for emerging transport and road technology.

The Smart Innovation Centre in western Sydney will bring together investors, researchers, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, technology providers and data analysts.

An existing Crashlab (pictured) in Sydney will be remodeled into the facility.

Andrew Constance, the minister for transport and infrastructure, said: "This government is not prepared to sit around waiting for someone else to come up with the next big innovation around technologies for connected transport, we want to be a part of it.

"The centre will also help us understand how we need to plan and build road and transport infrastructure to prepare for future technology."

Duncan Gay, the minister for roads, said: "To prepare for the arrival of automated vehicles in the Australian car market, we’re working closely with our federal and interstate counterparts examining the necessary legislative, regulatory and road design changes, we want to get this right.

"This hub is going to support and optimise the outcomes of the introduction of automated vehicles as well as look at solutions for congestion and road safety."

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