New York construction department to boost staff skills with new training partnership

The agency responsible for New York City’s $10bn portfolio of public property assets has teamed up with an international professional body to boost the skills of its staff.

The NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) says the partnership agreement signed this week with the UK-headquartered Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) was intended to help staff reach their full potential and develop the organisation.

New York is a demanding environment … with its long history for iconic construction projects– Bridget Bartlett, CIOB

According to the agreement, the CIOB will outline training programmes for DDC employees and tailor its careers advice and recommendations to suit individual employees’ requirements.

Employees will gain access to qualification workshops on topics such as project management, sustainability and planning, the CIOB said.

A global professional body for the development and conservation of the built environment, the CIOB accredits university degrees, educational courses and training.

NYC DDC is responsible for the design, construction and refurbishment of many of New York’s public assets, including parks, courthouses, fire stations, libraries and police precincts.

Its portfolio of assets is valued at close to $10 billion, and New York itself (pictured) is forecast to spend over $100bn on construction over the next three years.

"Here at DDC, we want to encourage and support every member of our staff to reach their full potential through training and development," said the DDC’s commissioner, Dr. Feniosky Peña-Mora FCIOB.

"Our partnership with CIOB is an important step to helping us achieve this goal and promoting overall growth for our agency."

The agreement is the first of its kind for the CIOB outside the UK. It said the partnership would help New York stay on top of built environment challenges.

"The Department plays a vital role in delivering quality services that ensures one of the world’s most challenging cities keeps pace with the needs of its citizens," said Bridget Bartlett, CIOB deputy chief executive.

"New York is a demanding environment and with its long history for iconic construction projects there is a need for skilled professionals to maintain that ambition well into the future."

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