New Zealand company system can turn smartphone into “professional surveying instrument”

New Zealand tech company IkeGPS has launched the latest version of its Spike device, which can turn a smartphone into a laser rangefinder, and is now compatible with Autodesk software.

The Spike system comes as a device that clips to a smartphone and communicates with it using Bluetooth. The device, which retails for US$500, supplies the laser rangefinder that does the measuring, and the phone or tablet provides the camera, GPS locations, compass and internet connection.

A promotional video of the system can be seen here.

The system comes with an app that can give measurements on the phone, and in the latest version, the picture can also be uploaded to Auto CAD as a scaled image file, which can be used to add dimensions to an object.

It can also be used with the Go Figure app for iPads to generate cost models and estimates.

IkeGPS was founded in the mid-2000s by a group of engineers who wanted to develop a system for capture data for use in geographical information systems. It is based in Wellington, New Zealand, with US offices in Colorado and Seattle.

Image: The Spike system in action (IkeGPS)

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