A Boeing 747 by moonlight (Sebastien Lebrigand/Wikimedia Commons)


Boeing patents method of generating electricity from airport noise

21 September 2015 | By Joe Quirke | 2 Comments

Boeing has patented a way of generating electricity from the noise of jet engines as they are opened up during takeoff.

Chin Toh, an inventor employed by the US aircraft maker, has created a “system for generating electricity from acoustic energy”.

A Diagram from http://www.whatafuture.com

“Acoustic wave collectors” are placed on either side of a runway, where they harvest the sound of the engines, then send it to a drum that vibrates to create an airflow.

The moving air is directed into a turbine chamber where it causes turbine shafts to rotate and generate electricity, which can be sent to a substation for distribution.

Boeing’s patent applications says the acoustic energy produced by planes during take off is “a lost energy resource”.

A diagram from Boeing’s patent

It is not yet clear how much energy will be generated by the device.

Read about the patent in more depth here.

Top image: A Boeing 747 by moonlight (Sebastien Lebrigand/Wikimedia Commons)