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Multinational team to masterplan mixed-use district in Singapore

13 February 2017 | By Joe Quirke | 0 Comments

The Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has appointed Dutch firm KCAP Architects & Planners to lead the masterplanning for a mixed-use development in the island republic’s forthcoming Jurong Lake District.

The team is developed a high-density masterplan called “Lakeside Gateway” for the area, which will also be the site of the East Jurong terminal of the Kuala Lumpur high-speed line.

The aim of the project is to brand Jurong as “a district of the future” and as Singapore’s second central business district.

A focus of the conceptual plan is the “integration of new waterways and a series of green spaces within Jurong Lake District while manifesting a strong, distinctive identity”.

The team led by KCAP is composed of UK-based designers Arup and S333, the Singaporean firms SAA Architects and Lekker. They were picked out of a shortlist of five bidders.

The group will work with the URA and other agencies to draw up a detailed proposal for the district, which will be exhibited in mid-2017 to gather public feedback. After that, the team will work with the URA to refine the plans.

The Jurong Lake District is a regional centre in west Singapore, first unveiled in a URA masterplan in 2008.

The project aims to “create new commercial activities, amenities and recreational facilities outside the Central Area of Singapore”.

Images via KCAP Architects