One in three US bridges in need of repair at a cost of $42bn

A report by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) has found that 220,000 bridges, 36% of American total stock, need repair and 79,500 need to be replaced.

The ARTBA’s Bridge Conditions Report found the work would take 40 years at the current repair rate.

If placed end-to-end, bridges in need of repair would measure 9,656km.

The number of bridges rated in good condition declined by 1,155, from 279,582 in 2019 to 278,427 in 2020.

The cost of repairing 45,000 structurally deficient bridges, which are on average 68 years old, is $41.8bn, using data from the US Department of Transportation.

36% of all bridges need replacing, while 22% need structural work, 19% need rehabilitation work, 18% need widening or rehabilitation and 5% need deck work.

The state of Iowa had 4,571 bridges in poor condition, the most in the country, followed by Pennsylvania with 3,353 and Illinois with 2,374.

Bridge inspections occur once every 24 months, while ratings are updated as bridges are listed as poor or have undergone repair work.

Read the Bridge Conditions Report here.

Image courtesy of Sergey Novikov/Dreamstime

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