Oxford hospital evacuated over cladding fears

Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital (pictured) is evacuating the patients from its trauma unit over the fire risk presented by its cladding.

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commissioned a fire risk assessment following a review of fire safety of cladded buildings on its four main hospital sites in Oxfordshire after the Grenfell Tower fire in London. The report was written by Trenton Fire which made a number of recommendations, including replacing the cladding.

Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital (Trenton Fire Report)

A board meeting on 27 July decided to decant the 52 in-patient beds from the trauma unit to other wards within the John Radcliffe Hospital while the unit is closed for a 12-month repair programme.

"It is important to note that the recommendation to move patients is not just because of the cladding, but because of a combination of fire safety factors with this building, making it currently unsuitable for inpatients," the trust said.

Chief executive Dr Bruno Holthof said: "Our highest priority is the patients in our care and our staff who are dedicated in their care for those patients. In common with many other organisations with public buildings, the Trust has been reviewing its fire safety procedures and systems following the tragic events in London.

"We will implement any changes necessary to ensure that our patients are safe."

At the end of June the government ordered more than 17,000 care homes and private hospitals to undertake their own safety reviews, in the wake of the disaster.

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) told The Telegraph that 38 NHS sites have now been found to have similar characteristics to those of Grenfell, with nine found to be at greatest risk.

It has emerged that 82 tower blocks have failed a new fire safety test which scrutinises the combination of cladding and insulation following the Grenfell disaster.

Image: Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital (Trenton Fire Report)

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  1. There should be more care over the reporting of these matters; the headlines are indicating that the evacuation is due to the cladding, however, when you read on it is making it clear that there were a number of issues around fire safety. Cladding is rapidly becoming a dirty word (and we should remember that at Grenfell the official verdict is likely to highlight a number of issues there too); reporting like this only adds strength to this viewpoint.

  2. there r always going to be a number of factors including risky installation practice and unsafe materials and faulty evacuation advice..recommend reading the blog of the GREN-FELL HOUSE TENANTS ASSOCIATION AND THE VIDEO REPORT OF AN ARCHITECT whose onsite report and analysis was online at the time. of the fire..well over a hundred died.
    the oxford hospital trust appears to be acting responsibly although it is unfortunate that the job of reviewing the fire arrangements was given to a private company rather than the fore authorities and the HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE which has been severely cut under successive governments particularly the current CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT.

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