Pinocchio museum opens in Seoul

A miniature museum has opened on the outskirts of Seoul to showcase a private collection of Pinocchio memorabilia.

The design, by Korean architect Moon Hoon, is made up of three buildings covering an area of 480 square metres. These surround a grassed courtyard and are overlooked by a 7m-high statue of the naughty puppet.

One the Pina Familia’s buildings is based on the Attila the "whale" – in fact a five-storey-high dogfish – that swallows Pinocchio and his father, Geppetto. This contains Pinocchio and Geppetto as well as other dolls from the book, together with chairs and tables. The head of Attila forms an auditorium where events can be staged.

Another building has a long nose-like design that contains a fountain, as well as the museum shop and a workshop. This has a balcony that can gives views onto a forest on one side and Seoul’s dense cityscape on the other.

A third metal-clad structure is a museum for wooden dolls. This encloses a small courtyard intended to host impromptu outdoor performances.

Other oversized fictional figures congregate around the three buildings and adjoining pond.

The client, Lee So Young, as well as being a fan of Carlo Collodi’s book, also runs a kindergarten.

Images via Moon Hoon

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