Police dress as construction workers to catch dangerous drivers

Officers in the Marietta Police Department in the southern US state of Georgia devised a unique way of catching dangerous drivers: by dressing as construction workers.

Police donned the disguises on a busy Cobb County intersection with aim of intercepting anyone who was operating a mobile phone and a motor vehicle at the same time.

Nick Serkedakis, an officer with the department, was quoted by WSBTV Atlanta as saying: "What we’ve done here is we’re able to put officers in the roads so we’re able to get close enough almost inside their cars so we can look down and see exactly what they’re doing on their phones.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re stopped at a light: if you’re on a public thoroughfare and facing the phone we’re going to have a conversation with you."

It’s illegal in the state of Georgia for a driver to check their phone while their car is stationary.

Serkedakis noted that texting behind the wheel is killing as many people as drunk drivers.

If you get caught you will receive a $150 tickets and one point on your license.

In a previous exercise undercover cops awarded 50 tickets about 90 minutes.

Image: A policeman disguised as a construction worker (WSBTV)

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