Qatar in talks to invest up to $14.9bn in UK infrastructure

Qatar has begun talks with the UK government to invest up to $14.9bn in key infrastructure projects, reports The Financial Times.

Officials and ministers from both countries have held discussions over what schemes the Qataris could invest in, and whether a specific fund could be set up.

The potential projects include energy plants, road and rail projects and even the Thames "super-sewer" under London.

Qatar’s existing UK portfolio includes the Shard and Heathrow airport

Qatar has become a major investor in British assets, with a growing portfolio ranging from Harrods and the Shard to Heathrow airport.

However, setting up a dedicated fund to finance government-backed schemes would take Qatar’s investment in the UK to another level.

Among the specific schemes discussed is the new £14bn nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset planned by EDF, the French energy giant.

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